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Beamz Kids Interactive Collection

Young girl playing Beamz laser controller.

Young girl playing Beamz laser controller.

This is where it all started. Beamz Interactive Music Videos began with the creation of our Music Appreciation and Simon Says series, each taking a slightly different approach to teaching the earliest fundamentals of music education. Our youngest Beamz users are taught music basics like rhythm and melody, learn to distinguish between a wide-range of musical genres and uncover common and exotic instruments and sound effects. Have you ever heard a platypus purrrr? In addition to Interactive Music Videos that carry instruction, the collection contains a great selection of Disney and Nickelodeon songs—Phinneas and Ferb, Hannah Montana, The Little Mermaid and more! As parents ourselves, we love offering something that is guaranteed to be entertaining, but we love even more that we’re providing opportunities to learn and exercise creative expression.

What’s Included

Music Appreciation

  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Hip Hop
  • Be A DJ
Simon Says

  • Rhythm
  • Drums
  • Melody
  • Jungle
  • Zoo

  • Ice Cream Freeze
  • It’s A Small World
  • My Goody Two-Shoes Brother
  • Perry The Platypus
  • Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day
  • Under The Sea
  • Mahna Mahna
  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
  • Jack and the Beamz
  • Happy Birthday

Give your child a whole new level of learning and entertainment–Download the FREE Beamz App Now, which includes 15 free Beamz songs. Then, choose the Beamz Early Learning Collection inside the Beamz Store within the Beamz App.

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Play the Light

While all of our early learning content can be enjoyed using only the Beamz App, we do have another layer of WOW waiting to be experienced. Meet the Beamz Controller. Kids ramp up motor skills, rhythm, timing, eye-hand coordination and higher level processing tasks by touching lasers and playing light. You can opt to purchase the Beamz Home Edition which provides you with the controller, 36 additional, family-centric songs, and a play guide.